What is Igaming Affiliation in Malta

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The short Answer

These are Review Websites / Videos / content etc. that promote a casino

The Long Answer

Affiliation in the iGaming industry refers to a type of marketing partnership between an online gaming operator and an affiliate marketer. Here’s how it generally works:

  1. Agreement: An affiliate marketer enters into an agreement with an iGaming operator to promote their gaming services (like online casinos, sports betting platforms, etc.).
  2. Promotion: The affiliate marketer promotes the iGaming operator’s services on their website, blog, social media, or other channels. They might use various marketing techniques such as content marketing, SEO, paid advertising, and more to drive traffic to the iGaming operator’s site.
  3. Referral Tracking: The traffic sent by the affiliate to the iGaming operator’s site is tracked using unique tracking URLs or other tracking technologies. This way, the iGaming operator can identify which new customers came through the affiliate’s marketing efforts.
  4. Commission: In return for sending traffic and/or customers, the affiliate marketer earns a commission. The commission structure can vary; it might be based on the number of visitors referred, the amount of money those visitors spend on the iGaming site, or other metrics.
  5. Continuous Earning: In many cases, affiliates can earn a commission not just on the initial transaction but on all future transactions made by the referred customers. This is often referred to as revenue sharing or lifetime commission.

Affiliate marketing is a crucial part of the iGaming industry’s growth, as it helps operators reach a wider audience and drive more traffic to their platforms. It’s a win-win situation where the iGaming operators get more customers, and affiliates earn money for their promotional efforts.

The roles of an affiliation manager can vary slightly depending on whether they are working for a review site or an operator within the iGaming industry. Here’s a breakdown of the typical responsibilities and objectives for each:

Affiliation Manager on a Review Site:

  1. Recruitment and Relationship Management:
    • Recruiting new iGaming operators for partnerships.
    • Maintaining relationships with existing iGaming operators.
    • Negotiating commission rates and other terms of the affiliate agreements.
  2. Content Oversight:
    • Ensuring that the reviews and other content related to the iGaming operators are accurate, up-to-date, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
    • Coordinating with the content team to highlight promotional offers, bonuses, and other features offered by the iGaming operators.
  3. Performance Analysis:
    • Monitoring and analyzing the performance of the affiliate links.
    • Identifying opportunities to optimize the performance of the affiliate program.
  4. Compliance:
    • Ensuring that the review site’s affiliate marketing practices comply with industry regulations and standards.
  5. Marketing Strategies:
    • Developing and implementing marketing strategies to drive traffic to the iGaming operators’ sites through the review site.

A good example of a review site is casinolegendsonline.co.uk

Affiliation Manager on the Operator Side:

  1. Affiliate Recruitment and Management:
    • Recruiting new affiliates, including review sites, to promote the operator’s iGaming services.
    • Managing relationships with existing affiliates.
    • Negotiating the terms of affiliate agreements.
  2. Performance Monitoring and Optimization:
    • Monitoring the performance of affiliates to ensure they are driving quality traffic and meeting agreed-upon targets.
    • Working with affiliates to optimize their marketing strategies.
  3. Compliance and Regulation:
    • Ensuring that affiliates comply with legal, regulatory, and brand guidelines in their marketing practices.
  4. Promotional Material:
    • Providing affiliates with the necessary marketing materials, such as banners, landing pages, and promotional offers.
  5. Reporting and Analysis:
    • Preparing and analyzing reports on affiliate performance, revenues, and costs.
    • Identifying opportunities for improving the affiliate program.

Both roles aim to maximize the performance of affiliate partnerships, but from different sides of the relationship. The affiliation manager on the review site focuses on promoting iGaming operators to earn commissions, while the affiliation manager on the operator side focuses on managing and optimizing the network of affiliates to drive traffic and revenue to the operator’s platform.